Skeptical at first as I have a plethora of trading systems on my shelf, however your course was a huge eye opener. Thanks for taking the time to show me something that actually works as advertised!


Jim V., PA





Philosophically, I can see where the pattern can lead to a high percentage of winning trades. I believe very strongly that the best way to enter trades is on strength (buy stops) buys, and weakness (sell stops) sells. That should resolve much of my execution ambiguities I’ve experienced in the past trying to enter on pullbacks, at arbitrary numbers, etc..etc.. I also like your notion of diversifying among many markets..In hindsight I feel I’ve restricted myself just focusing on stock indexes in recent years... Finally, your prompt and straightforward responses and feedbacks to my questions gives me the confidence that your mentoring will help me succeed going forward.


Steve N., TX

Stunning is the only word needed to describe your strategy and service.


Thanks again,


Dr. Andrew M.,FRCP, NM




I wanted to say a few words regarding your program/support to anyone who is reading this and considering pursuing it. At the risk of sounding a bit like some of the other testimonials, there are certain things that need to be understood. The consistent positive results that the Trade The Bars strategy provides—in a relaxed trading environment—is truly an enjoyable way to trade. I have learned many indicators and oscillators over the years, and although I’m glad I am familiar with them, they are not necessary to know in order to learn and trade this simple yet powerfully effective method—so newer traders shouldn't’t be intimidated. If you are interested in making a high quantity of trades per day, this is probably not for you. If you can be satisfied with a few high quality trades during the course of the day, I can’t think of a better way to approach the markets. The support is another area that delivers as it says it will. Through an instant message setup, questions are not only responded to, but they are responded in a short period of time. If questions can’t be answered in a comfortable way through IM, phone calls are also encouraged. There was a missing piece of my trading puzzle which I found with your program.


Cliff R., AZ

After spending 10 years filling paper in the S&P pit what is really great for me about your method is how little emotions get involved, which is key for me. I am a perfectionist and like things to come in nice tidy little packages which is how the profits come with this.


David E., IL

Hey Grant,


I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with your methodology. Your approach is simple and straight forward, which is critical for any successful methodology to work in real-time trading. Your method just flat works. I remember reading the testimonials posted on your site prior to purchasing the program, and this statement seemed to be the common theme that consistently jumped out at me. This theme has played itself out in my own experience with the methodology. I have been trading since 1996, and this is truly the best, most consistent approach I have ever seen. I can assure you of this statement, as I have purchased everything available to the public. I think the best testimony I can provide is that, following my experience with you and your method, I have recommended your program to a family member as well as a close friend. If the method did not work, I certainly would not jeopardize my relationship with these people.


Carlton H., Fl



My very sincere thanks to you. I became interested in e-minis after a bad experience in a well known and expensive Options "education" course that promised the world and delivered not much. When I started looking at e-minis I was very skeptical about promises and repeating my recent experience. Your simple, straight forward web-site really attracted me. I am amazed at just how simple you make things. The set-up patterns are so accurate that I still have trouble believing it is true. The amount I paid for the manual, your system and your back up support is just ridiculous. It should be the deposit! When I purchased your pack I was a complete novice. I was soon paper trading and when I saw how well it worked I went live. I have to pinch myself to remind me I have discovered a very good way of making a good living from wherever and whenever I like and it doesn't matter a hoot which way the market is going.


Barry H., New Zealand

I hate to admit it but I'm guilty of being one of the people you describe in your opening paragraph on your website. I was very hesitant to get back into trading after losing most of my trading capital but as any trader knows trading is addictive once it gets in your blood. I finally realized I needed a system that has very strict rules as well as a mentor who has the confidence to stand behind his system and was willing to offer me unlimited support at no additional cost. I thank you for all the support as well as making me the profitable trader that I've always wanted to be.


Ted N., NV

I would definitely recommend your strategy to anyone interested in making a very good income with very low risk! It's such a buzz when you put in an order then set your profit target how many times its reached... it is simply amazing.


Thanks again.


Tim P., Australia

What I like about your system is NOTHING IS SUBJECTIVE. Learn it once and you're good to go ...there are no changes on a daily basis.


Lax K., TX

Hey Grant:


Just wanted to let you know that I received the manual and all I can say is thank you. I have read it cover to cover multiple times and I am now trading your system. To my amazement, it works! I can't believe it can be so simple...


R.J., MS

Hi Grant,


After purchasing your strategy and spending two days in your office watching you trade I decided this method was the only way for me to succeed. It's a real pleasure to see someone with your experience implement the strategy so effortlessly.


Tom R., OH



Great stuff. I have to say this is one of the least intense ways to trade. The signals are clear and easy to follow. Going on what I have seen so far it is incredibly accurate.




Darren R., AU


I can't thank you enough for your strategy, your help and your seemingly endless patience over the IM.  I was about to give up on trading when I ordered Trade the Bars.  Before using your strategy, I had been *trying* to day trade futures for about 14 months using my own system, which did have some really good weeks, but mostly bad ones. 

Honestly, I was extremely skeptical about your profitability claims listed in the results section on your website.  That was before I started trading your strategy.  Trading it has made me a believer.  With your help over IM, I have just had the most profitable week (this first week of March, 2008) that I have had in over 15 months. Those gains resulted solely from trading your strategy (I gave up on my own strategy as soon as I proved to myself how predictable and profitable yours is).

Now that I have been trading your strategy, all I can say is that I wish I had been on this ride with you since you started stating your results in 2002.  I trust that financially I would be in a much better place right now if I had done this sooner, but I am really looking forward to what the future now holds for my trading. If anyone is reading this letter and considering purchasing Grants strategy,if your head is in the right place and you are ready to treat trading like a business (not gambling), then you can make this work for you.  Learn the strategy so that it is second nature, trade what Grant trades - how he trades it, and grow your account.  I have been trading since 1998 and as far as I'm concerned, purchasing Grant's strategy is the smartest thing that I have done for my trading. 


Brian D., MI



I’d like to thank you for your trading strategy.  I had been very frustrated with my trading and had gone through multiple books and other strategies all over promising and under delivering. Trade the Bars provides a clear trading plan that you always know where your entries, exits and stops are. There is virtually no ambiguity in the plan. Once you learn the pattern all you do is watch your charts for it to develop.  The plan is very particular in selecting trades and this is very important for I find that the trades I do take have a very high win rate and I avoid bad trades. 

Without a doubt the most helpful part of the the strategy has been the IM service.  Your patience is truly impressive.  Whenever I’ve had any questions about what is developing on my charts you always promptly reply. With Trade the Bars you’re not just purchasing a trading strategy you also are coached by a great trader who has proven track record.

Once again Grant, thank you very much for the strategy and thank you for your help.


D.J.P., CA 

It's probably a good time to share with you how much I appreciate the help you've given me with my trading. Over the past 15+ years of trading off and on, I feel the current pattern recognition system I purchased from you last spring has helped me tremendously. Your assistance with the IM service has been invaluable. I can't tell you enough the difference it has made in my personal trading. Thanks again...

Larry S., WI

Trade The Bars is the system that delivers consistent profits. Grant takes as much time as you need to learn how to consistently take profits from the markets. He helps you everyday on AIM and is patient when no one else would be. He guides you if you get off track and keeps you focused. I, like most traders have been through all of the indicators, workshops, etc. but then have realized that I have wasted money. This is an in home system that delivers personal support for an extremely reasonable price. No matter how much you spend, no one else will help you live during trading hours, but Grant does. Since using the Trade The Bars strategy I have become much more disciplined and have stopped my habit of over trading. It is nice to go to bed at night knowing that you don't have money in the market and that during the day you have solid and time tested rules to make you profitable. The focus of this strategy is to make you an independent and profitable trader. Grant was there to help me and to challenge me to understand the profitable pattern, his pattern. To anyone contemplating the purchase of this course, purchase it. Unlike most companies that are focused only on selling, Grant is focused on trading and helping you trade as well. Why let what could be your money sit in the market? Earn your money. Grant will show you how.

C.O., IA

This is the first time that I have seen a system live up to all the written testimonials, which most of the time for a system to live up to a few points of a testimonial are quite amazing.  While the strategy is quite simple, it does take a little time to learn, especially for a mentally challenged person like myself that has been left destitute from years of bad systems and preconceived ideas.  You don't have to have an idea of market bias, you just show up in the morning to trade, period!  I have seen the system work in the slower markets prior to July 07 and continue to work after the increase in volatility, it is very robust.  Furthermore, it is probably one of the most mechanical systems shy of being a black box, and with the invaluable and fortunately for me unlimited help from Grant on the Instant Messenger Service, it all falls into place as a system that makes earning a consistent living from day trading possible. 

Thank you for the system, time and especially your patience.

Jim B, MI

There is a saying, give a man a fish and you have fed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you have fed him for life. Grant thanks for teaching me to fish. I think I could have knocked myself out and probably still never be able to put it together for myself so that is why discovering this way and taking the chance on buying it and having it work as advertised makes it all the sweeter for me.

I have run many systems from pitch forks to statistical trading to black box trading with locks on them. There is no substitute to mastering a sport or musical instrument without structured rules and practice. The bottom line is this - when I do the method Grant teaches me I am profitable and my account moves forward - when I don't, I churn a lot of trades and make no money for myself - end of story. Once you are successful and master your craft, I can almost say that it feels like you are printing your own money. Grant provides the structured rules that work - and helps you with the practice until you can play or run on your own. Grant has taught me the difference between gambling and trading.  A big thumbs up on this - my advice is don't hesitate to learn how to trade profitably for a change and this is the real deal.

Peter G., FL

I have to say that of all the money and time I've spent learning various trading methods, I can honestly say that the most valuable and effective trading methodology I have learned is from you. I feel that what you have to offer is simply the best trading methodology that I have found to date. It is not only honest and real, but it works extremely well. I like that you're teaching a very real and practical trading method to successfully trade the markets. Once again, thank you for everything that you've been able to do for me.

John A., OR


I just want to thank you again for all your time and patients with me.  As I said before I see your program make money everyday just as advertised and you were correct when stating how important the consultation was.  Not only was the help needed in learning the program but it also helped in teaching trading techniques. I took up trading about 10 years ago and bought programs, videos and books. My attention was on making money.  I over traded, jumping from one program to another, I have been through breakouts head and shoulders and the like.  I once made $1700 one week in pork bellies, when if the truth was known I should have never been trading them.  I quit trading around the time the steel plant I was working at closed.  I lost money trading and it was time to get out.  I am now looking to get back in but with a different focus.  I am more focused on preserving capital than getting rich, a more business approach.  I am now reading the book you recommended and hope it will help with the mental side of trading.  I am sixty years old and looking to retire in two years.  I still have a passion for trading and hope to be successful this time. Thanks again for all your help.      

Benny W., AL

After years of being screwed by vendors selling crap you’re the silver lining I’ve been looking for. Not only do you call a spade a spade but your strategy actually works like you say it will. In my opinion anyone who doesn't purchase this strategy is doing themselves a disservice.

Glen P., CO

Hello Grant,

Thank you for your response and many thanks for being so ethical and honest. I wish I could use your product for my trading. If by any chance you develop a product for option trading or you know of a product that I can use please let me know.

Best, Joseph

Having tried many courses in the past and been disappointed I was delighted to find Trade the Bars. The course is great and the support is second to none. Keep up the great work and profitable trades.


Ed N., AZ

The IM service is a big help and I learned much more than I thought. You're a patient guy to put up with all my questions. Thanks again for your help, great service and for your precious time.

Steve M., WA

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