When I first started full-time trading twenty-eight years ago, I made all the typical mistakes such as buying books, subscribing to advisory services, reading the verbal diarrhea in the trading forums, attending expensive seminars, and trying all the latest lagging indicators, only to find out the expensive way that none of that stuff really works.

Once you've been on that merry-go-round for a period of time, you find a method, trade the method, lose most of your trading capital, blame the method (and the developer), and go back to searching for a new one.

If this is your current situation then you need to be congratulated and continue reading. If not, well, keep searching, as there is plenty more junk waiting to be purchased.

As you'll notice, there isn't a lot of table-pounding here. Like anything in life, trading requires hard work in order to be successful. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I've got some magical mechanical strategy that will make you millions of dollars or a strategy that wins every day, as there is no such thing. Instead, I hope to come across differently in my personal approach, one that does not promise you the world but offers a trading strategy that simply makes sense.

My day-trading strategy will teach you objective trading rules for becoming a successful trader. I think the best way to describe my strategy is that I react to what is happening and not what may happen. In other words, I don't try to pick the top or the bottom of any given move. Trade selection is based on identifying one specific chart pattern.

The reality is that there are many different trading strategies for traders to use. Experience has taught me that the most important aspect of any trading strategy is that it be well-defined and as objective as possible.

In other words, if this specific condition happens, I take this specific action rather than analyze the market to get a “feel” for it before placing my order or basing my decisions on my interpretation of an XYZ indicator. As a trader, I can’t be thinking in the middle of a trade about where I’ll place my stops or where I should exit this trade.

These pre-set rules need to be clearly defined by the strategy so that the trader is simply following a set of conditions for any given market situation. Every time this is accomplished, each new trade entered and exited builds the necessary confidence and discipline a trader needs to survive.

Each day, my goal is simply to trade well. We begin the day without a clue as to what might happen. We take the trades that we see and then manage each trade based upon my pre-set rules. We have good days and the occasional bad day, but we go into each day knowing that we will win if we are patient and let the market set up correctly.

If the statistics are right, trading the markets is a money-losing venture for most people. Why is that? Well, there are many reasons why. I have seen time and time again how most traders simply can't follow rules. Others think that a strategy should be a black box auto trading robot that spits out $100.00 bills all day long without them doing any work or by only working one hour a day. There is no holy grail out there that's going to make you money in the markets without having to do any work, nothing in life is that easy, and if there were, everybody would be doing it, wouldn't they?

One thing that absolutely stuns me is how most traders refuse to trade more than one market. It makes no sense at all to watch one market chop around while others are trending nicely. Trading is about making money; therefore, if we can achieve that by trading a few other markets, then why not do it?

How successful the trader becomes is based on several important factors including knowledge, screen time, a good strategy, discipline, money management, etc. You can have everything going for you, but if the market you choose to trade in isn't a good fit to your strategy or skill level, then your odds of success are slim to none.

The charts are never wrong, but our views of the market can be, so you need to reach the point where you can do what the charts tell you to do, regardless of whether or not you think the market is "correct". Remember – markets can remain irrational longer than your trading account can remain solvent.

Having enough capital to withstand a drawdown is imperative to your trading success. I highly recommend a minimum account size of $8-10K in order to correctly trade my strategy, which is based on trading two contracts. Obviously, past performance is not indicative of future results. However, after you have read the trading manual and studied the many previous chart examples, you’ll see that there are a lot of profit-making opportunities out there.

The cost of my strategy is very reasonably priced at $1495.00 U.S. The one-time cost includes the trading manual plus unlimited mentoring via Instant Messenger, phone or email. Unlike most vendors who run and hide after you purchase, I'm fully committed to seeing you become a profitable trader. Let's face it, $1495.00 is a real bargain for this kind of trading strategy considering the average monthly profit is 4 times the cost of the strategy. Perhaps a better question to ask yourself is how much money have you donated to the liquidity pool in the last year? Isn't it time for a change?

As an added bonus, purchasers of my strategy receive REAL TIME assistance via a free Instant Messenger service. I don't believe you can learn to trade a strategy simply by reading a manual or studying previous chart examples. You need to be able to see the method applied in real time with the ability to ask questions on a regular basis. Let me repeat this again: You need to be able to see the method applied in real time with the ability to ask questions on a regular basis.

You'll learn how to:

Identify one chart pattern and the setup used for entries.

Understand the relationship between the Mini Dow, Mini S&P and the Mini Russell.

Know when to trade and (more importantly) when not to.

Apply unique money management techniques.

If you are not satisfied with your trading results because you have been stuck in a cycle of emotional ups and downs brought on by chasing the market or attempting to gain back losses from trades gone bad, then you should consider implementing my approach that will bring order, reason and manageability to your trading. Trade the Bars provides you with the necessary tools and knowledge to trade successfully, accompanied by the best guarantee and mentoring service in the business. It's your decision, continue what you're doing which obviously isn't working as you're reading my website or make a change, the choice is up to you.

Email anytime with questions you might have. I look forward to hearing from you!

P. S. I’m very committed to each student I teach. I will do everything in my power to help make you a profitable trader. You can be assured of one thing: I will work with you until you are able to trade my strategy with your eyes closed.

Warm regards,


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